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WF Series Magnetic Suction Filter

The WF series filters can be installed at the inlet port of pump in order to prevent hydraulic system from contaminant, keep hydraulic circuit clean enough and extend the service life of pump and hydraulic system. It can also be with the magnet as customer’s requirement. There are more options for the length of filter body.
Port Size:
Working Pressure:
Flow rate:
  • WFC-3A-80, WFC-4A-80, WFC-4B-80, WFC-6B-80, WFC-6BL-80, WFC-10C-80, WFC-10CL-80, WFC-12C-80, WFC-12CL-80, WFC-16C-80, WFC-12D-80, WFC-16D-80, WFC-16DL-80, WFC-20D-80, WFC-24D-80, WFC-24DL-80 etc.

  • HYFORCE HYDRAULICS / OEM is also avaliable.

  • O5-O6

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